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A discrete, sensitive, rapid and confidential service helps you to resolve "who is the father?" of a child.We are a UK based, accredited laboratory which provides DNA testing.

dadcheck.info, your informative guide to paternity testing, parenting and healthy living.

We provide state-of-the-art molecular biology services to the pharmaceutical, CRO, biotechnology, healthcare and academic sectors. Genotyping, Gene Cloning, Q-PCR, DNA Sequencing and so much more.

a totally unique service, based upon you and your own unique genetic profile. Exclusive products and works of art for exclusive people, all are based upon the ultimate
one of one . . . you.

Strategic marketing, consultancy and business development services for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences

The Willcheck® service allows you to store a sample of your own genetic material (DNA) for use at a later time or perhaps even after your death.