Elegant Presentation
Each product from DesigNA comes packaged in an elegant wooden case, along with the DNA profile of the yourself presented in detail.

You also receive a small booklet explaining how DNA profiles are identified and used to create your own unique product.

All sampling kits sent out are standard kit. For a deluxe sampling kit, presented in a wooden case, there is an additional charge of £20. You could use this as an original gift towards a loved one who can take the sample and then return the brush to receive their "full" present after we have processed their DNA sample.

Deluxe Case £20.00
Price shown includes VAT

DNA Pearl and
Swarovski Necklace
DNA Sterling Silver
Necklace for Men
DNA Sterling
Silver Necklace
DNA Silver Necklace
and Bracelet Combo
DNA Swarovski Necklace
and Bracelet
DNA Tumblechip
Crystal Necklace